Workers Compensation

Injury claim

University Orthopedics works closely with area industries and businesses large and small to treat their employees who have suffered on-the-job injuries. The tri-state area is home to a variety of business concerns and patients are seen both in the group’s offices and in the Emergency Rooms and Trauma Center as the nature of the work-related injury warrants.

In that the provision of certain healthcare benefits for workers injured on the job is mandated by both state and federal regulations, working through the necessary procedures and policies specific to each employer’s “Work Comp” program can be confusing and occasionally frustrating for all parties involved. University Orthopedics employs a “Work Comp Coordinator” whose sole function is to facilitate communication between:

  • the patient
  • the patient’s employer
  • third-party Work Comp “Case Managers” assisting the employer in the administration of their insurance benefits
  • the primary, or family physician
  • University Orthopedics surgeons

The University Orthopedics “Work Comp” coordinator may assist in cases as simple as providing copies of medical records or office notes, to obtaining authorizations from a “Work Comp Managed Care Company” for a patient’s subsequent treatment by a University Orthopedics physician. The Coordinator is on duty Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM, and is stationed at the group’s Main Office.

To contact the Work Comp Coordinator, use our Contact Page.