UT College of Medicine


The surgeons of University Orthopedics have served with distinction as the core teaching faculty for the School of Medicine’s Orthopedic Program on that campus since its inception, while maintaining an expansive private practice. The fact that these orthopedic surgeons are both teachers and private practitioners insures that their patients receive treatment and care based on the most advanced techniques and procedures, performed in state of the art facilities in a nationally-acclaimed academic environment.

This relationship also provides significant learning opportunities for young physician Residents to receive specialized training in the performance of intricate surgical procedures, guided by University Orthopedics surgeons who have completed advanced Fellowships in their own orthopedic sub-specialties. During the past forty years, University Orthopedic has earned a reputation within the tri-state area as a referral center for complex orthopedic cases, given the group’s acknowledged expertise normally associated with tertiary and major medical teaching centers.

In addition to their primary responsibilities training and preparing new orthopedic surgeons, University Orthopedic physicians also are involved in teaching basic musculoskeletal care and treatment to Residents from other medical specialties on the UT Medical College-Chattanooga campus. Over the years, University Orthopedic surgeons have helped train hundreds of new doctors, many of who choose to locate in the local community or the greater tri-state area. For these new physicians, retaining those relationships with their mentors as they establish practices, continues to be an important resource, for both patient referral and consultation.